Accessories: Tent Jacks

We’ve recently updated the performance of our tent jacks based on feedback from customers. Our new system utilizes a stronger, more durable strap and includes rollers that reduce wear and tear on the strap and virtually eliminate kinks and jams on the edges of the roller.

Tent jacks are designed to assist in the installation of medium to large sized frame tents.

Each complete set includes:
Base with wheels and 3 feet
Mast (standard or extended)
Winch with bracket
Top 2” Web Roller
Strap & Hook

Aztec Tents offers the following:
Std. Rolling Canopy Jack 10'-10"
Ext. Rolling Canopy Jack 13'-8"
Canopy Jack Strap & Hook - Black (Replacement)
Tectrac Jack
Tectrac Jack Strap & Hook - White (Replacement)
Replacement Winch Only

See the specific installation instruction for the tent you are installing for the recommended number of jacks to be used to assist in lifting the frame.

Click here to see the assembly of one of our tent jacks: