Pole Tents: ATC Canopy

Hands down the best over-the-counter pole canopy on the market

Aztec’s ATC Canopy is the ideal product for customers who are new to the tent rental industry, and existing renters who are looking for a well constructed over-the-counter rental item. The ATC was recently redesigned to improve its shape and appearance making it the best product available on the market. The canopy top is constructed of 12oz., high gloss, heavy duty, flame retardant vinyl that is easy to clean. Sectional 1-¾” diameter, anodized aluminum side and center poles fit in a storage bag that can be accommodated by most any passenger vehicle. 24” alloy steel stakes which can be driven with a household hammer complete the package.

• Easy to transport, light-weight design
• Simple to install
• Minimal number of components
• Standard wall/snap line allows for convenient installation of side walls
• Interchangeability of components between sizes.

• Sizes: 10’x10’, 15’x15’, 20’x 20’, 20’x 30’ and 20’x 40’
• Fabric: 12oz. laminated PVC in translucent white, red, blue, green and yellow; 12oz. opaque Ultra White (UW) is also available
• Certified flame retardant fabric
• Pole System: 1-¾” OD anodized structural aluminum tubing
• Injection molded pole caps and pins
• Stakes: 5/8” x 24” long alloy steel tent stake with 1½” head and welded steel hook.
• 3/8” guy ropes are braided on to the tent top
• Nylon “dog bone” rope slides allow for easy tensioning of the top.
• Powder-coated peak fittings reinforce center pole holes
• Perimeter reinforcement is constructed of high grade 1” PVC coated webbing
• 10” valance with decorative small wave design
• Standard wall-snap line attachment

ATC Canopy Diagrams