Frame Tents: Indy-Trac

The Indy-Trac, the newest addition to our existing family of kedered-frame tent products is a unique new upgrade system available to users of the Fiesta® brand frame tents . Using specific components from other “Slide-In” products it manufactures and a unique patent pending weldment system, the Indy-Trac provides users of the popular Fiesta® brand frame tents, manufactured by Evansville, IN based Anchor Industries, a unique way to upgrade their current inventory with modern day amenities and without investing in an entirely new frame system.

The Indy-Trac’s innovative approach allows users to convert their existing frame inventory from a lace system to kedered, slide-in style system with very few components. Every time a user installs this product they will be saving time and ultimately dollars in labor costs. The added benefit of a low initial cost to convert makes this product a viable upgrade solution for the hundreds if not thousands of users of the Fiesta® frame tent.

The Indy-Trac system is one of several next generation products that have come out of its “Compatible Plus” product offering. The unique aspect of these next generation products is that their original designs were simply constructed to be a compatible alternative to products manufactured by other manufacturers. In most cases, the Compatible Plus products manufactured by Aztec incorporated small adjustments to improve construction or cosmetic issues within the original product. These newer, next generation versions take a product to an entire different level, actually creating a new design from the Compatible Plus concept.

To view the original concept video demonstrating the design click here
To view the promotion video demonstrating the roof design click here

• Reduced labor costs
• Strengthens frame design
• Slide-in kedered roof panels
• Valance tensioning system eliminates perimeter buckles

• Widths: 9' Wide Marquee, 20' wide and 30' wide hip style ends both with 10' expansion middles
• Fabric: 15oz Translucent or 16oz Blackout Laminated PVC
- Blackout UW, translucent white & colors
- Fabric certified flame retardant
• Stainless steel connection hardware
• Expandable mids available
• Standard pitch 2:1
• Standard wall-snap line attachment

The Fiesta® trademark is a registered trademark owned by Anchor Industries.
Aztec is not related to or affiliated with Anchor Industries.

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