Frame Tents: Traditional Frame Tents

Now backed by the new ASCE 7-10 Wind Criteria

If you are looking for a traditional-design frame tent, with modern-day amenities, look no further. Our Traditional Frame Tent is constructed with a structural aluminum frame and durable 15/16 oz. vinyl tent-top covering. Stainless steel perimeter buckles are sewn through three layers of heavy duty reinforcing and feature a replaceable wall rope line to allow for fixing in the field. The fabric sections are available in expandable and one-piece designs allowing you versatility when you need it. The two primary methods for connecting expandable tent roof sections together include clasp connection and lace connection. The Clasp connection is typical on 20' wide and smaller tent tops, and the lace connection is typical on 30' wide and larger tent tops. Either connection method can be used on any size.

The frame system is comprised of structural anodized aluminum and powder coated steel fittings, most of which are interchangeable between various sizes. Components are assembled and pinned into place at ground level, where the top is installed and the frame is then lifted to install the legs. For a demonstration video of the installation click this link. Typical frame kits include aluminum tubing, fittings, tie-down ropes, pins, and anchoring 1" x 42" double headed anchoring stakes. Expandable kits include crowns for both square and expandable sizes, as well as additional components needed for certain starting sizes. Baseplates are not included with each frame kit, as there are several designs to choose from, so please inquire about baseplates if you require them.

New in 2013:
The entire series of Aztec Traditional Frame Tents from 20' wide to 40' wide is now engineered to ASCE 7-10 Wind Criteria. This certification now gives you the piece of mind but more importantly the documentation you need for building inspectors and other code officials. Please contact your support professional if you need copies of certification drawings for products you've purchased from us.

20' Width up to 200' Length | 10' Leg Spacing | 8' Leg Height: Meets ASCE 7-10 105 MPH
30' Width up to 240' Length | 10' Leg Spacing | 8' Leg Height: Meets ASCE 7-10 65 MPH
30' Width up to 240' Length | 15' Leg Spacing | 8' Leg Height: Meets ASCE 7-10 50 MPH
40' Width up to 300' Length | 10' Leg Spacing | 8' Leg Height: Meets ASCE 7-10 40 MPH

• Simple assembly
• No center poles
• Expandable design
• Standard wall-snap line allows for easy installation of side walls
• Interchangeable parts between sizes

• Widths: 10’, 12’, 15’, 20’, 30’, and 40’
• Fabric: 15oz Translucent or 16oz Blackout Laminated PVC
Blackout UW, translucent white & colors
Fabric certified flame retardant to NFPA 701 and California State Fire Marshal
• Frame: 2” OD Anodized Structural Aluminum Tubing
• Connectors: Powder-coated, welded steel fittings
• Expandable mids available in 5’, 10’, 15’, 20’ and 30’
• Expandable sections with lace or clasp connection
• Standard pitch 2:1
• Double reinforced buckle line attachment
• Standard wall-snap line attachment

Accessory Items-(Often purchased with this type of tent)
• Tent Jacks
• Sidewalls
• Baseplates
• Additional Stakes & Tie Downs
• Graphic/Logo Prints