Frame Tents: Timbertrac™ Collection

The Timbertrac™ Collection Frame Tent system is a new engineered slide-track tent system that provides exceptional performance in both short term and seasonal applications. The unique design of the Timbertrac™ Collection is sparked by its architectural truss beam design, its “wood-like” aluminum beams, and aesthetic joining plates that gives the appearance of a very traditional craftsman style construction while providing the amenities needed for event specific applications. The Graincote™ coating system that is used to cover the typical silver aluminum beams dramatically changes the look and feel of this event structure to be like no other.

The design features a fabric system that slides through a channel in the extruded aluminum frame, allowing for easier installations and significant reduction in wear to the fabric due to repetitive installations. Both roof and wall fabric slide into channels within the aluminum frame system. The gable shape of this tent system can be left wide open on the gable ends or can be closed with fabric gable panels and walls as weather requires.

Timbertrac™ Collection frame systems are available in 20’, 30’, and 40’ widths and expand in 15’ expansion modules to nearly any required length.

“Frame only” pricing includes Graincote™ finished frame system, brown powder coated fittings and joint plates, inline ratchets, braces, stakes, and base plates. All fitting components utilize a side release push button and require no tools for installation. Adjustable Baseplates can be added to any above configuration. Standard fabric for this system uses the Prosail™ 10 highly translucent fabric membrane, while white blockout and colored tops are also available.

Optional Accessories Include:
Sidewalls, Supplemental Ratchet Tie-Downs

• Graincote™ finished beam system
• Slide-in design
• Tilt-up frame design
• No pins required, push-button frame connections
• Track style eave pipe allows for sliding zippered walls that are user friendly
• Interchangeable parts between sizes

• Widths: 20’, 30’, 40’
• Fabric: Prosail™ 10- Highly Translucent Fabric Membrane
• Fabric certified flame retardant
• Frame: Jumbotrac™ JT 1-2” x 5” aluminum extrusion, Jumbotrac™ JT 3-2” x 6” aluminum extrusion
• All aluminum covered with Graincote™
• Powder-coated steel fittings
• Expandable mids available for each width
• Timbertrac™ walls are split for access and feed into leg channel and eave channel (Specify Zipper or Lace connection)
• Optional wall tension bars are available