Frame Tents: Tidewater® Frame Tent

Aztec Tents Introduces New Tidewater Frame Tent System

Aztec Tents, has introduced its new line of frame tents at The 2010 Rental Show in Orlando, Florida. The radically re-designed Tidewater® Frame Tent System takes its inspiration from the successful introduction of the Tidewater® Sail Tent, which was released in early 2009. The new Tidewater Frame Tent creates the same dramatic appearance of its sister product while eliminating all internal poles to create more usable space inside the tent.

With features including a complete kedered wall system, wall tensioning and an adjustable mast to support the roof fabric, the Tidewater® Frame Tent System offers the tent rental industry a new look in frame tent style and elegance. The system also makes available an integrated roof-lining system and a variety of different walling options. 'Our research and development of new products has consistently been steered by the feedback and comments of our customers,” said Aztec Tents’ President Chuck Miller. “The introduction
of our new Tidewater® Frame Tent System is an exciting culmination of feedback we have received over the last year following the release of the Tidewater® Sail Cloth pole tent line.”

The Tidewater® Frame Tent System is available in widths of 20, 30 and 40 feet. The design allows customers with existing frame tent inventory to convert to the new system by replacing only a few fittings and the top to create a new iconic look.