Frame Tents: Jumbotrac®

The Jumbotrac® Frame Tent is an engineered kedered frame tent system that provides exceptional performance in both short-term and seasonal applications. The design features a fabric system that slides through a channel in the extruded aluminum frame, allowing for easier installations and significant reduction in wear to the fabric due to repetitive installations. Both the roof and wall fabric slide into channels within the aluminum frame system. Hip, Gable, and Hex end configurations are available to customize the system for the perfect fit to any site. Our proprietary valance tensioning system and mid-span tensioning system keep the fabric uniformly tensioned and free of wrinkles without added complexity.

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Two Options to Choose From

• Standard Jack-Up Design: Frame work assembles on the ground and the tent is lifted to install the legs. Hip, Gable, and Hex style end are available

• Tilt-up Design: Frame arches are assembled on the ground and swiveled in position just like a clearspan structure. Only Gable style ends are available with the Tilt-Up design

• Slide-in design
• Install fabric on the ground or in the air
• No pins required, push-button frame connections
• Standard wall-snap line allows for installation of standard side walls
• Track style eave pipe allows for sliding zippered walls that are user friendly
• Optional “Double Valance” to simplify connection to other tents
• Interchangeable parts between sizes

• System engineered to ASCE 7-10 100mph (3 Second Gust)
• Widths: 20’, 30’, 40’, and 50’
• Fabric: 15oz Translucent or 16oz Blackout Laminated PVC
• Fabric certified flame retardant
• Frame: Jumbotrac® JT 1-2” x 5” aluminum extrusion, Jumbotrac® JT 3-2” x 6” aluminum extrusion
• All aluminum anodized
• Powder-coated steel fittings
• Expandable mids available for each width
• Ratchet tensioners included with each top
• Jumbotrac® walls are split for access and feed into leg channel and eave channel (Specify Zipper or Lace connection)
• Optional wall tension bars are available
• Standard wall-snap line attachment available for use of standard walls

Jumbotrac 20x Hip Diagrams
Jumbotrac 20x Gable Diagrams
Jumbotrac 30x Hip Diagrams
Jumbotrac 30x Gable Diagrams
Jumbotrac 40x Hip Diagrams
Jumbotrac 40x Gable Diagrams
Jumbotrac 50x Hip Diagrams
Jumbotrac 50x Gable Diagrams