Products: Compatible Plus ®

Customer feedback provides the driving force to how we run our business. We've recently reached out to those customers who's positive direction helped create our Compatible Plus® product lines. Read about some of the feedback they have provided us:

“We put up our new Aztec top for our 20 x 20 Warner Shelter Tent for the first time this weekend. I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the replacement top from Aztec. I hate to admit it, but I was expecting the top to fit less than perfectly. When we installed the top, to my surprise, it did fit perfectly. Also, it is really nice that you have the rope sewn in to hang walls and lights from. On the original tent, there is no rope. You have to install four additional cables to hang the walls from. This may not sound like much, but it saved me about 15 minutes in the middle of our busy season. That is huge to me. The use of ratchet straps to tension the tent top is also a better design than the original tent top. I guess what I am trying to say is that you really improved the original tent. Our entire tent inventory is from Warner with the exception of the 30 wide expandable that we bought from you. As other tops need to be replaced, we won't even bother calling that other company. If you ever have someone that has concerns about your tops fitting another company's frame, please give them my phone number. I will be happy to vouch for Aztec. Now don't go getting the big head and figure the tops are worth more than you are currently charging. The price is just another advantage. Thanks for all of your help with all of my tent "issues." You have really been a big help to me.”
Tony Worley
It's My Party Rentals
Alpharetta, GA

“We have been using Aztec's compatible line of products for a couple of seasons and we are extremely pleased with the quality of the product and the ease of using it alongside products from other companies that we purchased several years ago. We moved in to the Compatible line after experience of Aztec canvas on our first structure purchase and that led to discussions with our Aztec sales representative for the production of canvas incorporating several ideas from our tent crew staff. The responsiveness and helpfulness of the Aztec staff is another solid reason that sets them apart in the industry.”
Ian Menzies
RC Special Events Rental
Boulder/Colorado Springs, CO

“Aztec Tent's Compatible Plus® line has been a great asset to our business. It has given us the opportunity to switch manufactures without having to bring in an entirely new product line. Now that we are purchasing our tenting from Aztec we would never go to another manufacturer. Their customer service is second to none, and they have an extremely knowledgeable sales staff.”
Steve Ghrist
Windswept Promotions
Latrobe, PA

“The Compatible Plus® parts we have from Aztec work well and are of excellent quality”
Lynae Gilbert,
Party Time Plus
Billings, MT

“Aztec’s Compatible Plus® line is a customer-friendly, appealing, and an ideal product line. Our clients consistently complement us on the classic look and clean lines.”
Jay Heiferman
AAA Rental System
Markham, IL

“Aztec Tent has provided AAble Rental Co. with their Series 2200 Compatible Plus® product line since 2009. This has been a seamless addition to our previous inventory, creating value for our clients and our company.”
Ramsey Duqum
Aable Rental Co.
Euclid, Ohio

“As we have come to expect- Aztec is again at the forefront of tenting design, with the Compatible Plus® line being the latest addition to their many fine products. The flexibility is AMAZING and our clients will be thrilled with these exciting new options.”
Allen Sylvester
American Tent & Table Inc.
Marstons Mills, MA

The History of Compatible Plus®

From the early beginnings of the tent rental industry there have been multiple tent manufacturers for rental companies to choose from. In the past, when a rental company selected a vendor and purchased inventory for their business, they became “stuck” with that vendor for life. As a rental company grows, so grows their tent inventory and, subsequently, their reliance on their chosen vendor. Historically rental companies had two options; maintain inventory from their status quo vendor or risk the confusion and cost associated with bringing in a new supplier. That was then, this is now.

Enter Compatible Plus®

The entire line of 'Compatible-Plus®' products is designed to give tent-industry customers options when purchasing tents and other structure alternatives. 'Compatible-Plus®' products are aesthetically and structurally indistinguishable from their competitive counterparts. However, the new series have been re-engineered, incorporating proprietary improvements to their structural quality and integrity. These options allow the tent industry customers to purchase from the vendor they deem best.

Whether you are looking at fabric components or hardware components from the Compatible Plus® line, you can be assured of our products’ compatibility and interchangeability with existing models you have already purchased from other manufacturers. Our guarantee is simple, “If the product does not meet your 100% satisfaction, return it and we’ll refund the purchase.”

Along with continual advancements in both technology and communication, more and more customers are asking for choices and options. With our 'Compatible-Plus®' products, Aztec is providing both. While the ultimate choice is still in the customers' hands, we are now providing multiple sources for similar products, which is something this industry has never seen.

The Compatible Plus® Line-Up includes:

Indiana Frame Tops
Compatible with Fiesta® brand frame tents by Evansville, IN based Anchor Industries
Festival™ CAN-T
Compatible with Matrix-Marquee™ brand frame tents by Surrey BC based International Tentnology Corp.
Festival™ CAN-W
Compatible with Peak-Marquee brand frame tents by Calgary, Alberta based Warner Shelter Systems Ltd.
Series 1200 Pole Tents
Compatible with Century® Mate brand pole tents by Evansville, IN based Anchor Industries
Series 1500 Pole Tents
Compatible with Elite™ brand pole tents by Binghampton, NY based Eureka! Tents
Series 1800 Pole Tents
Compatible with Epic brand pole tents by Laurens, SC based Top Tec Products
Series 2200 Pole Tents
Compatible with Century® brand pole tents by Evansville, IN based Anchor Industries
Series 2500 Pole Tents
Compatible with Genesis® brand pole tents by Binghampton, NY based Eureka! Tents

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Elite™and Genesis® are registered trademarks of Johnson Outdoors Inc. Aztec is not related or affiliated with Johnson Outdoors or its affiliate Eureka Tents.

Epic is a registered trademark of Laurens, South Carolina based TopTec, Inc. Aztec is not related or affiliated with TopTec, Inc.

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