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May 07, 2012

With graduation season just around the corner, a hot item for many backyard parties and smaller special events is Aztec’s ATC Canopy. The ATC Canopy is the most economical solution for temporary covering. A key attribute of the ATC Canopy is the product’s ability to be rented over-the-counter directly to the tent user. The product’s ease of installation is perfect for end user set-up.

When investing in any aspect of your business, it is always important to consider how a product or service will affect the larger picture of your company. Will the product provide a sufficient Return on Investment (ROI)? Does the product effectively represent the quality service and equipment that customers expect? Will an inferior product add additional labor costs for cleaning, repairs and service calls?

Aztec’s ATC Canopy is the industry leader when it comes to quality construction, and its price point is very competitive. The ATC Canopy, like all quality products, begins with the highest class of U.S. made raw materials. Once the best materials available are in the building, Aztec’s state-of-the art manufacturing team goes to work.

Key construction features include:
• All stress areas are reinforced with 28oz coated fabric.
• Stainless Steel reinforcement rings at each side pole location prevent unnecessary stress on the grommet.
• Built-in side wall rope line with a unique field repairable system.
• Zinc plated grommets prevent discoloration on the top.
• Tension rope sliders use a 3/8” “dog-bone” hardened plastic slider
• Powder coated aluminum center pole fittings.
• Specially designed center pole fitting attachment eliminates the need for needle holes in the canopy top.
• Perimeter web constructed of 1” PVC coated webbing.
• Pole System: uses 1.75” OD structural anodized aluminum.
• 3/8” guy ropes braided to tent top.
• 5’6” pitch easily sheds water preventing ponding.

As all the fabric and webbing used in construction of the ATC Canopy are either coated or laminated with PVC, the product is amazingly resistant to conventional soiling associated with the over-the-counter use. In addition, Aztec offers canopies in blockout fabric so that your tent will look cleaner, longer.

Are you worried that buying a canopy from Aztec Tents will create integration issues with your existing product? Aztec has a solution. Aztec’s industry-revered Compatible Plus product line includes canopy options as well. If you currently own tops and poles manufactured by Binghampton, NY based Eureka! Tents, you can rest assured that Aztec’s ATC canopy top has the same pitch as your current product, and a top can easily be placed in service using your existing poles and stakes. If you own an All Purpose Canopy (APC) manufactured by Evansville, IN based Anchor Industries, Aztec’s ATC Indiana Style Canopy features a modified pitch, larger grommets and larger reinforcement rings designed to be compatible and interchangeable with this system.

The next time you are in the market for a new canopy we hope you will consider all of the attributes that make Aztec’s ATC Canopy the best on the market. Good luck and best wishes with all of your tenting experiences!

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